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One Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Made More Than $53 Million In 2012

Brian Mackey/WUIS
Bruce Rauner's 2012 tax returns show he made more than $53 million in 2012, most of it from interest and capital gains.

Reporting from WUIS' Brian Mackey

One of the Republicans running for Illinois governor had a very good year in 2012. Bruce Rauner released his tax returns Monday, and says he made more than $53 million.

Rauner's 2012 tax returns show he and his wife made almost all of their money on interest, capital gains, and real estate.

The line on his tax form for W-2s, where most people report "wages, salaries, (and) tips," shows $0.

Rauner is far-and-away the wealthiest candidate among the four men competing for the Republican nomination. That's really saying something, since the others are a former executive, a corporate lawyer, and a real estate developer.

In a statement, Rauner says he's worked hard for his money, and feels "incredibly blessed" about his success. He says, if elected, he'll put his money in a blind trust.