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Flute Flight concert combines talent, musicians give live studio performance

Kaitlyn Petrin

Flute Flight is a duo performing Saturday in St. Louis that features the compatibility between conventional silver flutes and Native American style flutes.

Half of the duo is Mark Holland, who plays Native American flute. Holland holds a BA in Music from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he studied with two members of the St. Louis Symphony. In 1995, he started a project called Autumn’s Child, which he describes as Global Chamber Music, or a hybrid of world, jazz, classical and folk styles. He is considered by authorities on Native American flute to be one of the top flutists performing today.

Flutist Sherry Finzer joins Holland in Flute Flight. Finzer is an international award-winning American flutist and composer based in Phoenix, AZ who performs both as a soloist and with other musicians. She is known for her variety of styles, ranging from classical to new age, and the unique live performances she gives that incorporate different types of flutes with Gregorian chants and electronic and ethnic sounds.

“It’s in the healing genre, more healing music," Finzer said of Flute Flight. "Besides just creating the sounds with the flutes, the music, there's something about the space. The space in our music is very important."

"It's not totally filled with melody or music," she added. "Sometimes the silence has a lot of meaning in what we do. So, we might play a phrase and it might feel good to just kind of send it out there and let it go for a few seconds before another instrument enters."

Holland's Native American flute is made out of wood and is about three feet long. The Native American flutes come in different sizes and have different keys. Finzer brought along her alto and bass flute. Her alto flute, she said, is made out of gold brass and the bass flute is made out of composite plastic.

“With this project it’s getting into the relaxation, rejuvenation and healing process," Holland said.

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