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Mo. Senate debates adding more cameras in Capitol

An inside look at the Missouri Capitol.
(via Flickr/david_shane)
An inside look at the Missouri Capitol.

TheMissouri Senateis considering legislationthat would beef up security at the State Capitol.

The bill would increase the number of security cameras at the State Capitol and allow the Governor’s Office of Administration to hire private, armed security guards if needed.  It’s sponsored by Robin Wright-Jones(D, St. Louis).  She filed the bill shortly after someone placed rifle target stickers outside her office and the offices of several other Democratic Senators and one House Republican lawmaker.

“I’m asking for cameras in the hallways, where the citizens of this state and other parts of the country come to visit us, and I think that’s a prudent way to begin," Wright-Jones said.  "I’m not asking for turrets with cops, with guns, I’m not asking for a perimeter fence.”

There are currently 20 cameras at the State Capitol, mainly covering the entrances.

An estimate included with the legislation says installing 48 additional cameras could cost the state more than $100,000.

A few Republicans have taken issue with that potential cost. They say installing more cameras would be an expensive overreaction to the earlier incident.

The full Senate debated that bill for about two hours Tuesday before tabling the discussion. 

Marshal was a political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio until 2018.