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Mo. lawmakers to consider potential school transfer flood with legislation

(via Flickr/Lauren Manning)

Missouri lawmakers will again push legislation aimed at preventing an exodus of Kansas City and St. Louis students from their failing schools and overwhelming neighboring districts.

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled last year that students living in unaccredited districts are owed free transfers and that accredited schools must take the students. The courts continue to work out the details.

The accredited districts fear uncontrolled transfers would overwhelm their schools, while advocates say all students deserve a quality education.

A measure aimed at addressing the issue was filed in the Senate last Thursday, the first day lawmakers could begin submitting legislation for the 2012 session.

Legislation has been pushed in the past, but the issue has become more pressing now that Kansas City will lose its
accreditation Jan. 1.

St. Louis Public Schools have been without accreditation since March 2007.