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Blood Moon Eclipse: A View From St. Louis

Very early this morning a"Blood Moon" Eclipse was visible in the St. Louis area. Did you stay up (or get up very early) to see it?

Our Brent Jones did, and shares some of his photos from the event here with you. 

This was a total eclipse — but what about the "blood" color? The Seattle Times explains:

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes completely into the shadow of the Earth, taking on a reddish color, which has come to be called a “blood moon.” The red color occurs because even when the Earth moves directly between the moon and the sun, filtered sunlight still shines through Earth’s atmosphere, making the moon appear red.

And for a wider look, one more panorama of the event:

Credit Brent Jones / St. Louis Public Radio

Brent is the senior data visual specialist at St. Louis Public Radio.