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Cut & Paste: St. Louis translator reveals that maybe all of us — even Kafka — have a sunny side

"Is that Kafka?" cover and Kurt Beals
Kurt Beals | Provided
"Is that Kafka?" cover and Kurt Beals

Even if the iconic German-language writer Franz Kafka doesn’t cross your mind on a regular basis, you may still hear the adjective “Kafkaesque” from time to time and think: gloomy, nonsensical.

But a St. Louis translator says Kafka was darn near a jolly, optimistic fellow.

In our latest Cut & Paste podcast, we talk with Washington University professor Kurt Beals, who recently translated a book about the author’s life. He tells us Kafka foresaw modern media, was interested in fitness and travel, and was probably a guy we’d like to grab a beer with.


Here’s a few things you’ll hear Beals talk about in the podcast:

  • On the complexity of Kafka: “People think they have an idea of who Kafka is and this book gives them 99 other versions of who Kafka was.”
  • On Kafka's version of being a "regular guy": “He is someone who shares experiences with regular people but seems to experience them in radically different ways.”
  • On what Kafka’s Twitter handle might have been: “I’m guessing it would have had a ‘K’ in it, probably just ‘@K.’”
Cut & Paste

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