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'Cut & Paste' podcast: STL's Anna Skidis wants to open Cherokee-area theater company

Anna Skidis
Durrie Bouscaren
Anna Skidis

St. Louis’s Anna Skidis is an acclaimed actor and singer. She’s also a genius.

Skidis, 28, is obviously smart. But "genius" is what they call employees of Apple’s Genius Bar, who help people figure out how to make their devices work properly.

You can find Skidis in her day job at the Galleria’s Apple store. And until May 30, you can also see her in New Jewish Theater’s “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding.”

Soon after that, she'll focus on yet another identity: theater company owner.

Here are few highlights of our conversation with Anna Skidis: (You can easily Tweet her quotes by clicking on the highlighted links and adding your own text, hashtags and handles.)

Credit Eric Woolsey
Left to right. Anna Skidis, Chase Thomaston and Jennifer Theby-Quinn in My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding

  • On figuring out whether to make theater her life’s work: “You sort of get fed like the, ‘Hey, follow your dreams, do your thing, but also find a way to make money.” Tweet #cutpastestl
  • About being “terrible at auditions,” and a specific example: “And I completely blanked, right in the middle.” Tweet #cutpastestl
  • On the first show her new theater company Theatre Nuevo will present, called, “This Is Not Funny.” “There is a clown — so sorry for those of you who don’t like clowns — there is a poet, two newscasters and two children.” Tweet #cutpastestl

Cut & Paste

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