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Ex- Lincoln County detective pleads guilty to sex abuse of women he supervised

The agreement between the St. Louis County Family Court and the Justice Department, almost a year and a half in the making, is aimed at correcting violations in young people's due process and harsher treatment directed at black children.
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A former eastern Missouri detective has pleaded guilty to federal charges for sexually abusing five women who were participants of a drug court program under his supervision.

Scott Edwards of Troy, a former detective for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, pleaded guilty to three felony and two misdemeanor counts on Tuesday. He could get up to life in prison at sentencing on Oct. 18.

Edwards was drug court tracker for the department until he was fired in December 2010. The drug court program provides for treatment, counseling and rehabilitation for drug offenders. Edwards was responsible for monitoring the whereabouts and curfew of participants.

Federal prosecutors say Edwards committed sex acts with the five women without their consent, in some cases causing injuries.

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