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Lura Lynn Ryan has six months to live

Lura Lynn Ryan with Illinois State Police troopers in 2007
Flickr Creative Commons user spsarge
Lura Lynn Ryan with Illinois State Police troopers in 2007

WBEZ is reporting that the wife of former Illinois Gov. George Ryan may have just six months to live.

The details of Lura Lynn Ryan's health were revealed in federal court documents on Wednesday afternoon. George Ryan is appealing his conviction on 18 federal counts and wants to be out on bail to be at home with Lura Lynn.

WBEZ says the letter is from Rush-Riverside Cancer Center's medical director. It reveals Lura Lynn Ryan had a CT scan on Monday which showed a mass in the left lower lung that measured up to 7 centimeters in diameter. Doctors say she also has lesions in her liver and bones, which suggest an aggressive cancer.

Doctors apparently found the new masses when Lura Lynn, who is 76, was hospitalized with pneumonia earlier this week.

Prosecutors have argued against releasing Governor Ryan saying it is the sad fact that all prisoners are separated from their families during trying times.


Rachel is the justice correspondent at St. Louis Public Radio.