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Hit List: 6 New Restaurants To Try This June

From left, Elmwood co-owner and general manager, Chris Kelling, and executive chef and co-owner, Adam Altnether, try pizzas from their soon to open concept pizza champ.
Izaiah Johnson
Sauce Magazine
Chris Kelling, left, Elmwood co-owner and general manager, and Adam Altnether, executive chef and co-owner, try samples from their soon-to-open Pizza Champ in St. Louis.

June marks the first full month when mask mandates are no longer enforced by St. Louis and St. Louis County governments. That leaves restaurants — recently allowed to return to full capacity and regular hours — navigating new territory.

Hit List: 6 New Restaurants To Try This June
Our friends at Sauce Magazine explain where you should be dining this month — especially if you’re feeling a bit crabby.

Most food and drink establishments are now allowing their vaccinated patrons to dine unmasked, per CDC guidance, but some still are hesitant. Sauce Magazine spoke to local restaurant owners late last month about how they came to their decisions regarding mask requirements.

This month’s print edition of Sauce Magazine continues its coverage on new food and drink spots joining the region. On Tuesday’s St. Louis on the Air, Sauce executive editor Meera Nagarajan joined host Sarah Fenske for our monthly Hit List segment.

Six new restaurants to explore this month are:

Sauce says: “They have a beautiful outdoor patio, and they have a really killer bar program. I mean, we tried their riff on a Pisco Sour South Side Cavy with Pisco, lemon juice, egg white and a little bit of Angostura bitters. But it's a place that I feel like that neighborhood wants: you really go, hang out, get a drink and just chill all night. It's such a fun space to spend an evening in.”

Sauce says: “This is the kind of place you put a bib on, you put your gloves on, crack some crab claws — it's delicious, satisfying food. It's reasonably priced. And I think it's one of those places that people keep coming back to, which is why you see all these crab shacks kind of proliferating all over the place.”

Sauce says: “It's an expensive experience. It's gorgeous inside, the furniture is comfortable, the service is on point, but the food is pretty approachable … you can go anywhere from cheese pizza and a simple salad, all the way up to a beautiful, freshly prepared raw fish dish too.”

Sauce says: “Perfect option when you're needing a break. Their sweet salad with greens and goat cheese, candied walnuts and a maple vinaigrette was awesome. And they have some kind of quirky hot drinks, like we tried their powder pink mocha with the espresso dark chocolate chips and steamed strawberry milk or just your traditional coffee espresso drinks.”

Sauce says: [Chef Philip Day] is doing pretty fixed menus; so three courses, five courses, seven courses. It's really elegant and elevated and really trying to showcase the kind of beautiful produce and offerings that Missouri has to offer. And if you're going to Augusta to go try wine and you know maybe you're staying at an Airbnb, it's a great fine dining, relaxing option for dinner.”

Sauce says: “It's a chicken centric truck …They have a whole menu of fried chicken sandwiches and we loved their Soul Train sandwich ... and also love their chicken and waffles … So if you want something a little indulgent, they definitely have what you need.”

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