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STL-Style Celebrates 10 Years Of St. Louis-Themed Retail On Cherokee Street

Randy Vines (at left) and his twin brother, Jeff Vines, are the co-owners of STL-Style.
Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louisans and tourists alike have lots of options for sporting their love of the Lou, whether they snap up airport tchotchkes or visit one of countless vendors around town making the most of the city’s prized Gateway Arch and other iconic #STL imagery. But one retail shop has stood out from the crowd in recent years: STL-Style.

The brainchild of St. Louis-area natives Jeff and Randy Vines, STL-Style is marking a full decade of life on the city’s vibrant Cherokee Street this year. And on March 28, the identical twins promise a celebration featuring Brothers Lazaroff, drag performers, local brews and more.

It will be, the Vines brothers say, “a block party for all ages and a must-do event for any self-respecting St. Louisan.”

They joined host Sarah Fenske this week for a recorded conversation that aired on Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air. The twins looked back on their 10 years of business on Cherokee Street — and how they’ve observed the city and its image evolve during that time.

When asked about his love for St. Louis, with all its imperfections, and how that affects the multifaceted business of STL-Style, Randy Vines said that reflecting the city in meaningful ways that capture its true character is key.

“A lot of times you hear these slick, civic slogans and marketing campaigns that try to just shine a spotlight on all the great positives — which there are so many, and we’re the first to drink the Kool-Aid in thinking, ‘St. Louis is amazing,’” he said. “But I think being authentic and truly devoted to the city as we are, you can’t ignore the kind of less-than-savory qualities about the city. And I think just like anything, cities are byproducts of the people who live in them, and vice versa.”

“And it gives us a sense of purpose,” Jeff Vines added. “I mean, we feel like we really matter here — that we can help shape and make a difference in this city. And we are inspired and energized by living in a work in progress.”

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What: Decade Escapade: 10 Years of STyLe!
When: 12-5 p.m. Saturday, March 28, 2020
Where: STL-Style (3159 Cherokee St., St. Louis, Missouri 63118)

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