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From Private Homes To Rented Spaces, Pop-Up Restaurants Make Their Mark On St. Louis Food Scene

Kayla Doughty assists guests at ramen x rui, the pop-up Steven Pursely hosts at his apartment.
Greg Rannells | Sauce Magazine
Kayla Doughty assists guests at Ramen x Rui, the pop-up Steven Pursley hosts at his apartment.

The underground pop-up restaurant scene is growing, and St. Louis is no exception. Pop-ups are a way for amateur chefs to experiment with selling their cuisine without the commitment of daily catering and operating from a brick-and-mortar shop. They also help talented newcomers build a following and give diners a chance to taste the latest and greatest.

They are set up in the kitchens of established restaurants, held in private homes and can even be found on a downtown roof. Established local chefs like Gerard Craft, Michael Gallina and Mike Randolph host pop-ups around a new opening or to scratch a creative itch, while others like Logan Ely use them to test a market and figure out how to run a business. 

St. Louis on the Air’s latest Sound Bites segment with Sauce Magazine explored how and why people start their own pop-ups, and how patrons can find them. Joining the conversation were Sauce managing editor Heather Hughes and pop-up owners Chelsie Hellige of Spirit House and Steven Pursley of Ramen x Rui.

Listen to the full discussion: 

"St. Louis on the Air" Extended

Producer Lara Hamdan recently spoke to restaurant owners Charlene Lopez-Young and Darren Young of The Fattened Caf about how they went about establishing their Filipino-American barbecue pop-up: 

        View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Thefattenedcaf (@thefattenedcaf) on Aug 16, 2019 at 9:21am PDT

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