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Year in Review: Recapping top health and science stories of 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Public Radio reporters Durrie Bouscaren (left) and Eli Chen (right.)
Lara Hamdan | St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis Public Radio reporters Durrie Bouscaren (left) and Eli Chen (right)

On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, we did a year-in-review of the top health, science and environment stories of 2017. Joining host Don Marsh for the discussion was St. Louis Public Radio’s reporters Eli Chen and Durrie Bouscaren.

One of Chen’s top stories in her science and environment beat was the flooding along the Meramec River in late April. She said the issue sparked interesting conversations about why the flooding keeps happening.

“Why have these communities been flooded out twice in the last 18 months? Part of it is climate change but another part could be man-made structures,” Chen said. She spoke to survivors of the floods who have had their home ruined twice about how they’ve had to deal with the damage.

One of Bouscaren’s top stories in her health beat had to do with Republican attempts to overturn major parts of the Affordable Care Act. She looked through the House and Senate proposals to tease out what the local implications would be. 

She spoke to David Mueller, father of four-year old Marjorie who was born with a rare type of cystic fibrosis. The father expressed his concern that his daughter wouldn’t be able to get health insurance in the future.

“What ended up happening was this really dramatic moment. The Senate proposal failed after John McCain, in the middle of the night, put his thumb down and said he was not voting for it,” Bouscaren said.

Both reporters stressed the importance of using personal stories of those affected to help people understand the issues better.

“When you’re telling an environmental or science story, it can come off as very technical and kind of above your head,” Chen said. “I think the best way to communicate some of these stories to the general public is to get somebody who’s really deeply affected by these issues”

Some of the Bouscaren’s top stories:

Some of the Chen’s top stories:

Listen to their full discussion and analysis here:

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