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Q&A with Robb Cunningham, the Libertarian candidate for mayor of St. Louis

Robb Cunningham, the Libertarian candidate for mayor of St. Louis, joined St. Louis on the Air on Friday, March 31.
Kelly Moffitt | St. Louis Public Radio
Robb Cunningham, the Libertarian candidate for mayor of St. Louis, joined St. Louis on the Air on Friday, March 31.

On Friday’s St. Louis on the Air, Robb Cunningham, the Libertarian candidate for mayor of St. Louis, joined host Don Marsh to discuss his platform ahead of the general municipal election on April 4.

Cunningham makes his living as a saxophonist and considers himself a "rock n' roll Libertarian."

We spoke with Republican candidate Andrew Jones on March 27 and with Democratic candidate Lyda Krewson on March 22. In addition to our conversation with Cunningham on Friday, we’ll also hear from the Green candidate for mayor and two independent candidates for mayor.

On what "rock n' roll Libertarian" means:

"The rock n' roll part is that I'm willing to work and compromise. I'm not the smartest Libertarian, I'm not the richest Libertarian, I'm not the most politically-educated Libertarian. I consider myself a 'rock n' roll politician' in that I want to get things done and I want to get things done well. The Libertarian message and Libertarian philosophy works. That's the bottom line."

On his platform:

"My lead issue is racial trust. The fact white people are afraid of black people and black people are afraid of white people is just a generalization but unfortunately it is mostly true. The word racism means something different to black people than white people. ... We're going to have a conversation, we're going to get people together, we're going to make it big. We're going to have everyone in St. Louis invited to come in, black people and white people, talking about serious issues: racism, reparations issues, all these things that get people divided and get people heated up. It won't cost that much. We'll bring them into City Hall."

On poverty and violent crime:

"The whole idea of poverty is that we have to bring in jobs. Jobs don't come to St. Louis because of violent crime. Until we get violent crime together, we're not going to be able to talk about the jobs situation. This is one of my more controversial issues: I want to work with the gangs. The gangs aren't all bad. These aren't the guys making armed robberies in the Central West End to get $10 off somebody, but these guys know who these guys are, though. And these guys have more respect for these gangs than they do for the police or the government. If we can bring in the jobs after we bring down violent crime, bring down the murder rate, bringing the gangs to be involved and then we take the slack off possible drug sales. Get violence centered on and get off the drugs.

"We're not going to be chasing down or asking people to snitch about drug sales. If they can have drug sales from where we can bring down the murder rate, that causes murder. Whenever we start trying to get drug sales and getting people to snitch, that's where murders are coming from."

If you want to find out more about Cunningham's platform for mayor, you can find information here: https://www.facebook.com/RobbLibertarian/

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