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Current River in Mo. ranked as one of nation's "most endangered"

The Current River in Missouri.
(via Wikimedia Commons)
The Current River in Missouri.

A national river quality organization has listed Missouri's Current River as a victim of over-use, and one of the most endangered rivers in America.

The report by American Rivers shows that in 1984 the Current River in the Ozark Riverways Scenic Park had only 13 access points.

Today, there are more than 130, leading to erosion, pollution and overuse.

Kathleen Logan Smith is the Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment.  Logan Smith says the National Parks Service needs to do more to protect the resource.

"So you've got folks who like to float, folks who like to canoe, you've got folks who like to fish, folks who like to be out in speedboats and folks who like to go there for their bachelorette parties," Logan Smith said. "So, they've got to balance all those interests and figure out how to make the river appropriately accessible."   

A coalition of more than 20 Missouri conservation and outdoor organizations has endorsed the report.

The National Park Service has not returned requests for comment.