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Illinois Bill Takes Aim At 'Knockout' Game

(via Flickr/steakpinball)

A state representative in the Metro East wants to stiffen the punishment for random assaults often referred to as the 'knockout' game. The so-called 'game' involves punching an unsuspecting person in the head with the goal of rendering them unconscious.

Republican Rep. Dwight Kay of Edwardsville is introducing the Knockout Assault Prevention Act in the Illinois House that would re-classify such attacks as Class 2 felonies, which carry a 3 to 7 year prison sentence. According to the Illinois State Crime Commission, numerous victims have been blindsided by such attacks in the state. Similar assaults have recently occurred in St. Louis and other states well.

Kay says his proposal, House Bill 3783, also amends the Juvenile Court Act to allow minors be tried as adults for committing such crimes. "This bill is to pull in the people involved in this -- even including 15-year-olds who a judge determines went out with the intention of being involved in a 'knockout' game," he said. 

The bill would  allow prosecutors to charge persons who helped organize such attacks or were present during the crime.