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Rush Limbaugh to be inducted into "Hall of Famous Missourians" at State Capitol

An interior view of the dome of the Missouri State Capitol.
(via Flickr/jennlynndesign)
An interior view of the dome of the Missouri State Capitol.

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh will be inducted this year into the Hall of Famous Missourians. The news comes as the conservative commentator is under fire for comments he made on his nationally-syndicated show last week.

Limbaughcalled Georgetown University law school student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” after she spoke last week before a group of congressional Democrats in favor of President Obama’s birth control mandate for religious employers. Limbaugh has since apologizedwhile several advertisers have left his show.  Despite the controversy,House Speaker Steven Tilley(R, Perryville) is moving forward with plans to induct Limbaugh into the Hall.

“He (has talked) on the radio for hours at a time for the last 20 years," Tilley told reporters today. "I’m not going to go through and review every comment he’s ever made, just like I’m sure the people who inducted Mark Twain,Warren Hearnesor John Ashcroftdidn’t. I think you look at their body of work.”

Attention came to the induction after a post published on Feb. 13 by Kansas City area sculptor E. Spencer Schubert, saying that he was working on a bust of Limbaugh for the Hall, made the rounds on social media.

Limbaugh is a native of Cape Girardeau. Tilley gave no date as to when the induction will take place.

“Listen, it’s not the Hall of Universally-loved Missourians, it’s the Hall of Famous Missourians," Tilley said.  "I think (if) you look at their body of work, clearly he would meet anybody’s criteria for being a famous Missourian.”

The Speaker of the House decides who to induct into the Hall of Famous Missourians.  Last week, Tilley inductedNegro League Baseball legend Buck O’Neil into the Hall, and he says historical figure Dred Scott will also be inducted this year. 

Marshal was a political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio until 2018.