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KDHX may drop talk shows

By Maria Altman, KWMU

St. Louis, MO. – St. Louis' community radio station, KDHX, is considering doing away with local talk shows that air Monday through Thursday evenings.

The station's programming committee will meet Thursday night.

The move would affect such long-running shows such as Collateral Damage, Earthworms, and Literature for the Halibut.

KDHX Co-executive director Nico Leone says listeners drop off when the talk shows begin at 7 p.m.

"It's not an issue of quality of programs because we've got some wonderful programs with some wonderful hosts," Leone said. "The issue is how well they connect to the audience."

Leone says the station is instead considering offering the shows through podcasts and airing one to three-minute segments on air several times a week.

Collateral Damage co-host D.J. Wilson says his show already offers a podcast. He says it's a mistake to drop local public affairs shows when so few stations offer them.

"What they're doing is basically following the herd," Wilson said. "I mean the herd in radio is doing away with public affairs and doing away with local talk that's about news and information, not about polemics."

Wilson says he suspects consultants suggested the move.

Leone says it's too early to say what would replace the talk shows, although it would likely be music.