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Four Busch siblings make new offer to buy Grant's Farm

Grant's Farm bridge with sign thanking attendees for visiting
William K. Busch Brewing Company
Grant's Farm bridge

The saga over who will own Grant’s Farm continues. Four Busch family siblings have offered to purchase the farm for $26 million and continue operations as they currently exist. 

In an announcement the siblings said public response to the ongoing question of ownership motivated their offer.

“We have heard the community speak very clearly about their deep affection for Grant’s Farm and the great visitor experience that millions of people have enjoyed,” the statement said.

The farm property is currently owned by a family trust. Initially the Saint Louis Zoo announced its intention to acquire the farm in November 2015. Beatrice Busch von Gontard, Peter Busch, Trudy Busch Valentine and Andrew D. Busch, supported the sale.  The zoo’s offer was immediately countered by Billy Busch who announced his intention to purchase the farm so that it would be privately owned and supported. After negotiations and court appearances by the sellers and intended buyers, the Saint Louis Zoo withdrew its $30 million offer from all six heirs last month.

The four Busch siblings have promised to “keep the Grant’s Farm experience just as it has been, from natural beauty to animals to complimentary beer” should their offer be accepted. 

Participating family members promised to invest in building and facilities maintenance alongside protecting the natural landscape.  Anheuser-Busch will continue to operate the grounds and attractions if the sale goes through.  

Their offer competes directly with Billy Busch's remaining offer to purchase the farm for $24 million. He intends to petition for a 10-year detailed business plan regarding the farm's future from his competing siblings and a requirement that the property not be sold or divided in the future.  

"I have bent over backwards in my proposal to ensure that each of my brothers and sisters had a caring and meaningful role in the future of Grant’s Farm, and offered each of them joint ownership provisions for the iconic and historic Bauernhof. Their offer, however, includes no such in-kind provisions for my brother, Adolphus, or me" he said in a formal statement.

For the full statement regarding the siblings intention to purchase Grant's Farm, see below: