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'Cut & Paste' podcast: Musician Syna So Pro plays it cool but she's in a hot lineup Thursday night

Syna So Pro aka Syrhea Conaway
Durrie Bouscaren
Syna So Pro aka Syrhea Conaway

Musician Syna So Pro, aka Syrhea Conaway, has a hot date Thursday night at The Sheldon.

The St. Louis artist is the special guest of the cutting-edge classical group Alarm Will Sound. It's part of the orchestra's effort to bring together artists from "diverse and unexpected backgrounds" to collaborate and produce new music.

Conaway, 32, is diverse, even all by herself. The recording artist and live performer is mostly known as a soloist who does it all. In her one-woman act, she sings and plays the violin, bass guitar and keyboard, using looping to create an orchestral arrangement live on stage.

Despite her talent and growing popularity, she constantly downplays her abilities. "I play the guitar completely wrong, I cannot use a guitar pick to save my life."


Here are a few other things Conaway told us about her life as an artist.

  • On her early days of performing as a child: "It was kind of annoying, not the music, but my mom would dress us in matching clothing." Tweet #cutpastestl
  • About why she calls herself an arranger, composer and artist: "I'm not a prodigy at any of the instruments I play. It's just that I know how to make it all come together and work." Tweet #cutpastestl
  • On how the breakup of her band, Stella Mora, was like the end of a romance: "It ripped my heart out. I was so devastated."  Tweet #cutpastestl
Cut & Paste

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