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'Cut & Paste' podcast: Thelonius Kryptonite began marching toward success in high school

Thelonius Kryptonite
Durrie Bouscaren
Thelonius Kryptonite

Ah, high school. The place where you can reinvent yourself after middle school, screw up, then graduate and reinvent yourself again. But for St. Louis musician Thelonius Kryptonite, University City High School was where he started out strong and just kept going.

It began with a little tabletop musical improvisation. Soon Kryptonite, known then as Corey Williams, began living a dual existence: joining marching band and becoming the king of hip-hop. Before graduation, he was already signed to the Soul Tide record label.

Cut & Paste

We talk with Kryptonite in this new “Cut & Paste” arts and culture podcast about his journey, which now includes teaching kids, and being kind of a fashionista.


Here’s some of what Kryptonite told us about himself.

  • On making music in high school, not with real instruments, but everyday items: “I always had in my pocket, in high school, I had a pen and I had Carmex. You got Carmex because if you see a girl, you can’t have dry lips.” Tweet #cutpastestl
  • How participating in what some see as a “nerdy” activity helped him in pursuit of his career: “Being in marching band definitely helped my creativity.” Tweet #cutpastestl
  • Why he’s interested in clothes and how styling can be a fountain of youth: “Whatever you have on, it’ll make you look ageless.” Tweet #cutpastestl

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