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St. Louis Shakespeare Begins New Season, One Step Closer To Producing All 38 Shakespeare Plays

St. Louis Shakespeare’s 29th season begins July 19th with “Timon of Athens,” a story about a wealthy man who falls on hard times and, in doing so, determines his true friends.

“Timon of Athens” is one of William Shakespeare’s most obscure plays.

“There is a method to our madness,” said Donna Northcott, artistic director of St. Louis Shakespeare.  “We are in the process of working to produce every single play Shakespeare has written, 38 plays, and by next year, we will have accomplished that.  But that meant we had to put two of the rather obscure plays in this season with ‘Timon of Athens’ and ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen.’  They are coming together,” Northcott said.

Donna Northcott and Emily Baker, a cast member of “The Two Noble Kinsman,” joined guest host Jim Althoff.

Althoff also spoke with Emily Baker who portrays Hippolyta, the wife of Theseus. 

“I really like the fact that ('Two Noble Kinsman') has a lot of strong women.  All of the women are strong characters,” Baker said.

Shakespeare St. Louis’ season ends with two of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, “The Comedy of Errors” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

To view a full schedule visit the organization’s website.

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