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Quiet on set for ‘Lights, Audio, Action!’

St. Louis Public Radio presents Lights, Audio, Action!, an exciting new podcast take on radio dramas of the golden age.

Lights, Audio, Action! Is produced in partnership with the Missouri Film Office and the Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship Program. “It’s an ideal mechanism for showcasing Missouri writers, directors and actors,” notes Jade Harrell, STLPR’s Director of On-Demand and Community Partnerships.

Each episode begins with notes from the director, providing the framework for the performance. Then, it’s “quiet on set” as actors from across Missouri deliver the energetic, immersive table-read performance.

Lights, Audio, Action! segments are written by and about Missourians and feature local directors and actors. Throughout the show, listeners will be drawn into the narrative with compelling stories and innovative sound design. This modern approach to an historic storytelling art creates a memorable listening experience akin to the radio dramas of the years past.

Lights, Audio, Action! was created and developed for STLPR by Michael D. Francis and Michael D. Francis Presents. Listen now to the premier episode, featuring the 2018 MO Stories Winning Script, “Don’t Go There,” written by Jeffrey Fieldfab.

Don't Go There - Part 1
On the coldest night in years, a violent man who has just murdered four people seeks refuge in what appears to be an empty home – only to discover that the elderly woman living there may be far more dangerous than anything waiting for him outside.

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