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Former Alorton mayor pleads guilty in federal case

(via Flickr/steakpinball)

The former mayor of Alorton has pleaded guilty to stealing $1,000 from the southwestern Illinois village and attempting to deal crack cocaine.

Randy McCallum pleaded guilty Friday and agreed to cooperate with federal investigators. The 46-year-old went free on bond. He resigned as mayor on Feb. 13. Federal prosecutors say McCallum's sentence will depend on how much cooperation he provides to law enforcement.

McCallum pleaded guilty to attempting to possess and distribute crack, theft of the $1,000 from the village, attempting to provide a controlled substance to an inmate and lying to a federal agent.

A federal probe included a January raid of McCallum's home and the village hall. McCallum said he stepped down as mayor of the St. Clair County community because he didn't have the time for the mayor's job.