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East St. Louis police chief doesn't want to resign after all, but mayor ready to fill post

(via Flickr/davidsonscott15)

This morning we told you that East St. Louis' police chief  Ranadore Foggs wanted to take back his resignation and keep his job - but it seems that the mayor isn't ready to let Foggs return so easliy.

Foggs announced Thursday night he has rescinded the resignation he submitted last week after less than five months on the job. He had claimed the mayor was interfering with his efforts to lead.

But Mayor Alvin Parks tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he plans to name a new chief from a pool of seven prospects, having repeatedly asked Foggs not to quit. He expects Foggs to stay on long enough to help a new chief transition into the job.

Foggs in May inherited a department that had seen its budget slashed and its staff cut by more than one-third in recent years.