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We Live Here Women | Ebbi Nicole | Empower The Fluff

Ebbi Nicole, Founder & Chief FLUFFtivist
Tyler Small, OVRDU Visuals
Ebbi Nicole, Founder & Chief FLUFFtivist

As we strive to understand, include and serve our community, we look to you as an essential resource for the things that matter to you, our audience.  This special series of We Live Here centers the voices, concerns, perspectives and experiences of Women.

Living life in a larger body, especially as a woman, comes with scrutiny and assumptions about acceptability, worthiness and quality of life.

Ebbi Nicole, Founder & Chief FLUFFtivist of Fluffy GRL Movement celebrates, elevates and educates the plus-size experience through events, workshops and storytelling in brave spaces.

Today we follow the story of one woman who intentionally de-weaponized and reclaimed the word FAT as an adjective.

What does Empower the Fluff mean to you?

To Empower the Fluff means to fill the void and unapologetically amplify the voices of this marginalized community that still experiences socially acceptable hate (fatphobia) on micro and macro levels.

A huge thank you to Ebbi Nicole for sharing your story with we live here. For more from Ebbi and the FlffyGRL movement,  be sure to give a listen to her new podcast Ebbi & Flow wherever you get your podcasts!  FlffyGRL is a local movement that seeks to celebrate body diversity and build a community for plus-sized women. Learn more at empowerthefluff.com

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