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Mo. lawmakers pre-file bills for 2011 session

Missouri State Capitol.
Missouri State Capitol.

By Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio

Jefferson City, Mo. – Missouri lawmakers have been pre-filing bills this week in preparation for the legislative session that begins next month.

One in particular would expand term limits to all state-wide elected offices.

Currently, only the Governor and State Treasurer are limited to two four-year terms in office. The resolution sponsored by State Senator Jim Lembke (R, St. Louis) would also limit the terms of the Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor and the Secretary of State.

"There are certainly people that can serve in office and serve for a long time and continue to be a real servant of the people, but I believe they're an exception to the rule," Lembke said.

If passed by lawmakers, the measure would then go before Missouri voters.

Several pre-filed bills are renewed attempts to pass issues that fail every year, including repealing the state's motorcycle helmet law and restoring local control of St. Louis' police department. And Lembke is trying once again to ban the use of red-light cameras.

"When an individual receives a ticket in the mail that is written to the license plate of a car that's registered in their name, we lose all of our right to due process by enforcing traffic laws in this manner," Lembke said.

Red-light camera supporters say their use has reduced the number of traffic crashes involving red-light runners.

Other pre-filed bills include another attempt to extend the texting-while-driving ban to everyone. Currently, it only applies to drivers age 21 and under.