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Conservative activists rally in suburban St. Louis

Phyllis Schlafly talks to reporters in St. Louis Friday.
(KWMU photo)
Phyllis Schlafly talks to reporters in St. Louis Friday.

By Bill Raack, St. Louis Public Radio

Frontenac, MO – Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly says she agrees with others who claim that President Barack Obama is following a socialist agenda.

Schlafly is the co-chair of a conference in St. Louis this weekend titled: "How to Take Back America" featuring such speakers as former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Joe the Plumber.

At a press conference kicking off the conference, Schlafly was asked about the direction of the country.

"Yes I do think Obama's taking us into socialism. That's was socialism is, government ownership of industries and the wealth of the country so that you can move it into the pockets of your friends," Schlafly said. "And that's what he's doing."

She says voters are poised to overcome Democratic majorities in the House and Senate in next year's elections.

"What's gone on at the tea parties and the town hall meetings show that the American people are waking up. They don't want to put our children and grandchildren in debt that's a mile high and they don't our country to be run by czars. That was a Russian idea," Schlafly said.

Among the topics to be discussed at the "take back America" conference are how to counter the homosexual extremist movement, how to defend America against a missile attack and how to recognize living under Nazis and Communists.