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Martinez confirmation still blocked

Linda Martinez
Greenblatt (UPI)
Linda Martinez

By Marshall Griffin, KWMU

Jefferson City, MO – A member of the Missouri Senate is still blocking the confirmation of Linda Martinez to head the state's Economic Development Department.

Scott Rupp (R, Wentzville) met with Martinez today, and says he thinks she would make an excellent director.

But he's unwilling to end his filibuster until he's reassured, in writing, that Martinez will uphold the state's illegal immigration laws.

"Once I get firm assurances from the governor's office and his staff that, 'yeah, we fully support these provisions and not giving tax credits (to companies that hire or house illegal immigrants),' and they send me a note saying (that) to that effect, I have no problem with Ms. Martinez...but I have to protect my constituents who are concerned about this issue," Rupp said.

Rupp also says Governor Nixon's Chief of Staff told him that he has no intentions of providing a written reassurance.

KWMU contacted the Governor's office, but so far no one has commented.

Martinez was part of a team of lawyers that sued the St. Louis suburb of Valley Park over ordinances that fined businesses that hired and landlords who rented to illegal immigrants.