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Billboards With Confederate Flag Ordered Down


St. Louis, MO – The man responsible for billboards in St. Louis that the NAACP is criticizing has ordered them taken down. The billboards feature a picture of the Confederate flag and suggest that supporting changes to the city's government is akin to supporting the stars and bars.

Gregory Colombo of St. Louis County agreed to instead donate the space to the NAACP. Colombo told the Post-Dispatch he was asked to put up the signs because he has advertised before with the billboard company and could get a discounted rate. He declined to identify who approached him.

He says the goal was to heighten awareness of the November second vote, but he also says it could have been done in a more tasteful manner.

Amendments A, B, C, and D would make changes to the city charter that supporter say would streamline government. Opponents say people would lose their voice in government.