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2015 Missouri legislative session: What survived, what died

Protesters disrupt opening day of Missouri legislature 2015
Marshall Griffin | St. Louis Public Radio
Protesters disrupt Missouri Senate early in the session

In a year that is more likely to be remembered for text messages and parliamentary maneuvers than legislative accomplishments, some bills were passed. Going in, the leadership (Republican) was determined to pass the state's budget bills early so that the governor (a Democrat) couldn't veto measures and then use the summer to campaign on issues raised in the fiscal plan.

The leaders also said they would not have a Ferguson agenda but did pass a bill that would change municipal revenues from fines and would require governmental revisions.

BudgetSigned by governor, technical fix needed in one

County sales taxDied


Fuel taxDied

Local controlSent to the governor

Medicaid expansionDied

Medical malpracticeSigned by the governor

Municipal courtSent to the governor

Nondiscrimination ActDied

Photo ID for votingDied

Police restrict public access to recordingsDied

Police use of deadly forceDied

Police use of body camerasDied

Right to work Sent to the governor

School TransferSent to the governor

Tax amnestySigned by the governor

Unemployment benefitsOverridden in House, but no action in the Senate. Governor says it's dead, while Senate leaders disagree and plan to try override in fall veto session.

WelfareVeto overridden

Workers compensationDied

  • modifies law to lessen burden on employers
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