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Normandy school district replacing 8 of 11 principals

Superintendent Stanton Lawrence
Adam Allington, STL PUB RAD
Superintendent Stanton Lawrence

By Adam Allington, St. Louis Public Radio

Normandy, MO – The Normandy School District in north St. Louis County is replacing 8 of its 11 principals for the upcoming school year.

Normandy is currently the worst performing district in Missouri that has not already been taken over by the state.

The district meets only 5 of 14 accreditation points, which is actually below the threshold for provisional accreditation.

Normandy Superintendent Stanton Lawrence says the time for half-measures has passed.

"Currently, we are on course to become an unaccredited school district," said Lawrence. "I think that alone speaks to the fact that something dramatic, something very measured, and purposeful needs to take place."

Without immediate action, Superintendent Stanton Lawrence says Normandy is well on its way to being taken over by the state, as was the case with Riverview Gardens and Wellston.

"The only two school districts that have a lower MAP index point score are Riverview Gardens and Wellston. I think that speaks volumes to what we have to do as a district if we're going to move forward."

Lawrence says teacher quality is also an issue he's looking at seriously.

The district will also create a gender-separated school for high-school freshmen.