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Audio Agitation: Life Lessons

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As the year comes to a close, we sit back with family and friends to discuss the past year and celebrate another year on earth.

To help aid any year-end reviews bandied about the house we’ve collected a number of songs that seem to offer some perspective on the life lessons we often think we’ve earned.

Some of that perspective is legit. Some perspective is tongue-in-cheek.  W

e aimed for multi-generational so no one would get to upset if you slipped the playlist on while cooking dinner for the fam.  

Contemporary songs with their feet planted firmly in that rock-and-roll tradition.

Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band – This group’s been playing their version of old-school rhythm and blues around St. Louis for a while. Tracks from their new album Natural Remedies could easily slip into the Blues Brothers soundtrack without seeming out of place.

Katy Guillen & The Girls – This band hails from Kansas City and leans a little heavier on the rock in Rock ‘n Roll.  If grandpa starts dishing out the life advice and you’re not in the mood, just turn up the volume on “Don’t Get Bitter.”

Jon Hardy & The Public – Over the last couple Jon Hardy albums the singer’s embellished his traditional Americana style with a certain ‘80s production sound. 

Audio Agitation is a reoccurring six-song playlist culled from recent releases or shaped by events in St. Louis's ever-changing music scene.  If you're from the STL area or Missouri and you're putting out a record you think we should hear, send a heads' up to warnold@stlpublicradio.org.