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Welcome to Membership Matters, a place where St. Louis Public Radio members can get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the station & advanced notice of STLPR events!

Meet Your Development Coordinator, Nicole Williams

You've been listening for a while and have made the decision to commit to St. Louis Public Radio through a donation. You've even selected a thank you gift! But what happens in the time between you making your contribution and getting your gift?

All these details are deftly coordinated by our membership team, including Nicole Williams. Nicole comes to St. Louis by way of Nashville, Tennessee. On staff for just less than a year, she has already coordinated all of the regular monthly mailings, including renewal notices and pledge reminders, and has sent hundreds of coffee mugs, tote bags, sweatshirts and other thank you gifts to our members.

We caught up with Nicole to ask her about her day-to-day routine, what her favorite part of the job is, and her passion for the Young Friends of St. Louis Public Radio. 

St. Louis Public Radio: What’s your favorite program?

Nicole Williams: Right now I’m really into podcasts. I love our show "We Live Here," WNYC’s "There Goes The Neighborhood," and of course "This American Life."(Really… Who doesn’t love TAL?)

STLPR: What is your role as a Development Coordinator?

NW: I take care of data, monthly processes, acknowledgements, and membership gifts. All of our regular member correspondence goes through our department, and I'm usually the first point of contact for our members.

STLPR: What’s your favorite part of the job so far?

NW: As a public radio junkie, it’s been really cool seeing how things work from the inside.

STLPR: Which premium item has been your favorite?

NW: My favorites are the most recent NPR/STLPR mugs, and the "This American Life" tote bag. Our t-shirts are always really popular too.

STLPR: What is the Young Friends group and how can people get involved?

NW: The Young Friends is a group of young and young-at-heart members who are dedicated to preserving public radio for the next generation of listeners. I work a lot with Shannon (Lischwe) engaging with these members. Our members can get involved by emailing youngfriends@stlpublicradio.org.

To learn more about the Young Friends, click hereor just email youngfriends@stlpublicradio.org