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New Video Of Arch Redevelopment Project Released

(via City Arch River video)

A new look at the Arch grounds, as they're planned to be post-redevelopment in 2015, has been released.

CityArchRiver, the group behindthe redevelopmentof the Gateway Arch and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, put the video together.

It juxtaposes images of the current state of the Arch and the grounds with renderings of current plans. CityArchRiver tweeted today that there "will be upcoming opportunities for public comment on the Riverfront and NPS [National Park Service] portions of the project." The Missouri Department of Transportation earlier took an online public comment period.

Here's the video:


Also today, Scott Ogilvie, the alderman representing Dogtown and surrounding areas, introduced a resolution calling for hearings on turning the elevated section of Interstate 70 (from roughly Cass Avenue to the Eads Bridge) into a parkway running at grade level.

The city doesn't have a whole lot of say over the future of I-70, says Ogilvie. The road is owned and maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

"Really, it's an opportunity for people with a variety of ideas and stakeholders in the area to have a chance to get those ideas on record in a public forum," Ogilvie said. "And I think that's what we haven't necessarily has so far."

Ogilvie says removing the elevated lanes will open up the area to more development and better connect downtown to the Mississippi River. Cities like Portland, Ore., Milwaukee and San Francisco have successfully completed similar projects.

First things first, though - the resolution has to pass the city's Streets committee, and then the Board of Aldermen itself, before Ogilvie can even start discussing his plan.

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