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Lambert Airport to loosen security screenings for frequent fliers

St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Michael R. Allen | Flickr
Lambert Airport will loosen security screening measures for some frequent fliers.

Some passengers at Lambert Airport will be allowed to keep their belts and shoes on while passing through security checkpoints.

The Transportation Security Administration is including St. Louis in a program to make check-in more convenient for frequent fliers. The TSA says the program, which has been tested at seven major airports, will expand to 28 others, including Lambert, this year. 

Under the expanded program, eligible travelers can volunteer additional personal information allowing the TSA to vet them before they arrive at airport checkpoints. Program participants will have their own security lanes and specially marked boarding passes.

Travelers deemed "low-risk" will also be allowed to leave liquids and laptops in their bags while being screened. The program is in response to frequent complaints that the government is not using common sense when it screens all passengers at airports in the same way.

 A spokesperson for the TSA's regional office declined to comment on the program.