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More bad weather predicted for Missouri

Missouri could get more severe weather through mid-week.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Kramper says a slow-moving system is working its way from the Rockies.

Kramper says as cool dry air from the north collides with warm humid air from the south, there could be more tornadoes.

“We may have a south or southeast wind but then as you go up  in height you might have a more southwest wind and that's what starts these storms to start rotating,” Kramper said. “So this is going to be just sitting here for the next day or so until the system finally kicks out through the plains probably on Wednesday.”

Kramper says it's unusual but not unprecedented to have severe weather for days at a time.

He says back in 2003 Missouri experienced several tornadoes in one week but saw few for the rest of the year.

Missouri had a record number of tornadoes back in 2006 with 102.

Because data on tornadoes is not released for 60 days, Kramper says it's difficult to know how many Missouri has had so far this year.

Maria is the newscast, business and education editor for St. Louis Public Radio.