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Segregation Solutions?


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ON THIS EPISODE… We’ve spent our entire year dissecting the intersection of race and housing. Which of course has meant taking a pretty critical look at the deeply destructive patterns of segregation in St. Louis. And listening this year, you might have thought to yourself: “Sheesh! they talk a lot about the problems.” But that’s not the full picture of what’s going on right now in our region. There’s a robust conversation -- in some circles -- about possible solutions.

On this episode, we decided to listen to a man who has been leading a team of some of the smartest people in the region with the goal of dismantling divides and creating a new path forward.

MORE CONTEXT: Check out the entire “Dismantling the Divide” report about segregation here.

Alona served as We Live Here's associate producer in 2018.
Kameel Stanley co-hosted and co-produced the We Live Here podcast—covering race, class, power, and poverty in the St. Louis Region—from 2015 to 2018.
Tim Lloyd was a founding host of We Live Here from 2015 to 2018 and was the Senior Producer of On Demand and Content Partnerships until Spring of 2020.