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Broadway’s ‘Once’ Breaks With Musical Tradition, Tour Stops In St. Louis

The touring company of Broadway musical “Once” has made its way to St. Louis. As a musical based on a movie based on the music and life of Dublin musician Glenn Hansard, the show is not your average Broadway show.

For one, it begins by inviting the audience up on stage (for more on that read Nancy Fowler’s reflection on the show). For another, the cast doubles as the orchestra – no musicians sitting in a pit for this show.

And while the plot can be read as a love story, it is more complex than that, said cast member Erica Swindell, who plays the role of Ex-Girlfriend (as in the ex-girlfriend of the character called Guy, who was inspired by Glenn Hansard): “It’s not just about Guy and Girl, it’s about the father and his son, it’s about these Czech immigrants coming together in a new country, it’s about love of music and all the passion that’s behind that.”

“The best part of our show, and the most relatable part of our show is timing in relationships,” said cast member Matt DeAngelis, who plays the role of Svec. “Musicals are wonderful and we all love them. Guy meets girl and fall in love, lots of big, happy dance numbers and it’s great. But in real life that doesn’t really always happen. Sometimes you can have feelings for two people at the same time. I think everyone knows what it’s like to meet somebody really special, and maybe fall in love with them, and it just doesn’t quite work out.”

DeAngelis described the show as a “choose your own adventure” with an ending that can be read multiple ways. For St. Louisans who wish to decide for themselves what the ending of “Once” is, they have until April 20. After that, the tour moves on to Des Moines.

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