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St. Louis-based Karviva aims to unite ‘ancient wisdom with modern innovation’

Angela Zeng is the co-founder and CEO of Fulfill Food & Beverages, Karuna Prebiotic Whole Plant Wellness Drinks.
Angela Zeng founded Fulfill Food & Beverages in St. Louis in 2016.

Six years ago, Angela Zeng founded a beverage company in St. Louis. Her plan was to combine “ancient wisdom with modern innovation,” and she built on the doctorate of pathology she earned at St. Louis University and the MBA she got at Washington University to achieve that goal.

Her company, Fulfill Food & Beverages, recently notched $1 million in annual sales — largely due to the popularity of its Karviva (formerly Karuna) beverages. The prebiotic smoothies and juices use plant-based ingredients such as mung bean sprouts, avocados, mushrooms, mandarin oranges, kiwis and more.

“Mother Nature really gives us an abundance of choices to play with,” Zeng said. “So my goal is to really empower each consumer to make better and wiser choices for themselves, for their health.”

Zeng joined Tuesday’s St. Louis on the Air to talk about the company and her entrepreneurial journey.

Angela Zeng joins St. Louis on the Air

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