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Inform Your Vote: Understanding Missouri's 2018 ballot measures

Inform Your Vote: Understanding Missouri's 2018 ballot measures

On Monday and Tuesday, St. Louis on the Air aired conversations that took place during a free public forum this past week (the evening of Oct. 24).

The event offered attendees insight into four of the big decisions Missouri voters face this fall, featuring in-depth discussions with proponents and opponents of several key issues on the November 2018 ballot.

Host Don Marsh moderated the conversations, and audience members had an opportunity at the event to submit questions for potential inclusion in the dialogue.

Listeners heard all about Amendment 1 and Proposition D on Monday's show and about Proposition B and the state's three competing marijuana proposals on Tuesday's show. Links to argument summaries and the recorded audio segments are also available below.

Amendment 1: The Lobbying, Campaign Finance, and Redistricting Initiative

READ: Pro & Con: Amendment 1, which would impact redistricting, lobbying, campaign finance in Missouri

Proposition DThe Gas Tax Increase, Olympic Prize Tax Exemption, and Traffic Reduction Fund Measure

Proponent Scott Charton and opponent Gwen Moore give their opposing perspectives on Proposition D.

READ: Pro & Con: Prop D, the gas tax increase measure on Nov. 6 ballot

Proposition B: The $12 Minimum Wage Initiative

Proponent Richard von Glahn and opponent Ray McCarty weigh in on Proposition B.

READ: Pro & Con: Proposition B would raise the minimum wage to $12 for Missouri workers

Amendment 2Amendment 3 and Proposition C: Each would legalize medical marijuana

Proponent of Amendment 2 Jack Cardetti, proponent of Amendment 3 Brad Bradshaw, proponent of Proposition C Mike Colona and opponent of the three measures Brandon Costerison hash out the three competing proposals.

READ: Pro & Con: Will Missouri voters pass an initiative to legalize medical marijuana?

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