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‘Wake Up to Politics’ editor Gabe Fleisher ‘just gives the facts’ in his daily e-newsletter

Gabe Fleisher
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Politics can be overwhelming at times with all its nuances. But 16-year-old Gabe Fleisher makes it a goal to take the confusion out of politics.

On Thursday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh talked with Fleisher about his avid interest in politics. He has published the e-newsletter, "Wake Up to Politics," every weekday morning since 2011. The non-partisan publication provides briefings on the latest news from the White House, Congress, the courts and elections.

His first reader was his mom, but now, the newsletter has over 48,000 subscribers. Fleisher said his target audience is anybody who wants to understand today’s politics but doesn’t have a lot of time to read lengthy news articles.

“It’s comprehensive, because I really don’t think I dumb anything down for my readers, but it’s still understandable and they can understand what’s going on,” Fleisher said. His audience ranges from teenagers to political staff and teachers.

Over the last six years, Fleisher’s seen the change in politics. He said given today’s political climate and various media outlets, it can be hard to decipher what’s real and what is important to note.

“[Politics] has changed. Certainly my readership has changed and I’ve grown as a writer,” he said. “So I do try and play a role by sorting through what my readers need to know when they are making a choice at the voting booth.”

In the newsletter, he focuses on the developments of the day and what to expect in the days ahead. A unique element he adds to his newsletter is the schedules of the president, Congress and other political institutions.

Looking forward, Fleisher said he’s interested in a career in journalism. He’s already received press credentials to attend various events and debates.

“My political interest is really in explaining [politics] to people and staying non-partisan and I think that’s how I see myself in the political sphere going forward,” he said.

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