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Hold the alcohol: New local craft brewery specializes in non-alcoholic beer

Genevieve Barlow (left) and Jeff Stevens (right) talk about their craft beer company that only brews non-alcoholic beer.
Lara Hamdan | St. Louis Public Radio
Genevieve Barlow (left) and Jeff Stevens (right) talk about their craft beer company that only brews non-alcoholic beer.

A new craft beer is joining the local market to cater to those who enjoy beer but want to train for a triathlon, attend their job’s Taco Tuesday or party Friday night and wake up without a hangover.

On Monday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh talked about Wellbeing Brewing Company, a local craft beer company that brews non-alcoholic beer.

Joining the discussion were co-founders and owners of Wellbeing, Jeff Stevens and Genevieve Barlow. Our partners at Sauce Magazine say Wellbeing is only one of two breweries in the nation dedicated to solely brewing non-alcoholic beers.

“We are well known for beer in St. Louis; I think this is actually an innovative space that a lot of St. Louisans can get behind, Barlow said.

Stevens quit drinking alcohol at 24 years-old, but worked at an agency as the creative director and marketed beer, spirits and wine. While on a trip to London, he saw how the non-alcoholic beer market was growing.

“Immediately this idea felt exactly right for me — as someone who doesn’t drink, but knows all about the marketing of the product,” Stevens said.

Wellbeing is contract brewing with O’Fallon Brewery and doesn’t plan on becoming an independent brewery in the future.

Barlow said the prospective audience goes beyond designated drivers, pregnant moms or people in sobriety. Since the company introduced their endeavor, she said various types of people have expressed their approval of the non-alcoholic craft beer.

“We’re just trying to cultivate more mindful thinking in general … being more present and aware of how much you’re drinking and what those effects do to your body,” Barlow said. Wellbeing Brewing Company’s beer will not be sold to minors.

The new company hopes to join the local craft beer market place in January and will launch with two products. It will be sold online and in local stores including Whole Foods, Fields Foods, Randall’s Wine and Spirits and Pop’s Blue Moon.

“[Beer] has been around for thousands of years. It is all natural. There’s so many health benefits to it. And then when you take out the alcohol, it all of a sudden becomes this drink that’s so nice to have,” Stevens said.

Listen below to the full discussion:


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