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What Should Nixon Say? ‘St. Louis On The Air’ Listeners Weigh In

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon will deliver the annual State of the State address on Wednesday night. Ahead of the speech, “St. Louis on the Air” asked its listeners to weigh in on what they want to hear from the governor.

Following are some of the responses we received. They have been edited for length and clarity.

Pam E.: I want to see Medicaid expanded, legalization of marijuana and improved infrastructure.

Jan and Bob K.: Our legislature must focus on creating a culture within the state that makes Missouri attractive to businesses seeking an economical place to locate or expand (real estate is reasonable and taxes are low). Education has become the first place from which to cut budget dollars. This is counter-productive to economic expansion and the ability to create the labor force and environment we need to compete. Many of our bridges endanger public safety and major highways (I-70) are hazardous and out-dated. We have no viable bus or rail system and a barely viable airline system. By ignoring these realities due to the current political climate, we put our state further and further behind, a position from which we may never be able to recover.

Robert B.: If I were Jay Nixon, I wouldn't even bother. The Republican-controlled General Assembly wants nothing to do with anything the Democratic governor might propose, even if he agreed to appear before the House every Thursday in his birthday suit. Second, even if the General Assembly were all ears and desiring to work for the welfare of the people, this governor has demonstrated not one wit of leadership or an original idea or any intestinal fortitude. Third, the General Assembly, has one agenda: Turn Missouri into the next Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas or all of the above through tax cuts for the rich, dismantling social services, gutting education funding, ignoring the state's infrastructure needs, and anything that proves their "if Obama is for it, we're against it" creds. I'd move, but I'm a native and at my age, I've been here longer than most of those yahoos.

Stephen M.: Reduce size of road system by returning rural roads taken over in the ’50s to the counties. Fund road construction/maintenance equitably between urban and rural; urban now pays the tab. Require/allow MoDOT to fund transit, bike/ped, etc. Raise the gas tax to at least parity with neighboring states.

What do you want to hear from the governor? Leave a comment below. On Thursday, “St. Louis on the Air” will review the highlights of the governor’s speech. Listen to the State of the State address at 7 tonight on St. Louis Public Radio.

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