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Keeping Healthy During The Holidays

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During the holidays, food tends to be abundant while overeating can be a danger. So how do you stop yourself from getting off track from your diet and exercise goals?

Saint Louis University professors Amy Moore and Chris Sebelski talked with host Don Marsh and gave their expert advice. Moore is assistant professor of nutrition and dietetics, and Sebelski is assistant professor of physical therapy.

According to Moore, the average weight gain over the holidays is just one or two pounds. However, most adults don’t lose that weight, instead adding another pound or two when the next holiday comes around.

“There comes a point when you have to start watching how much holiday food you have,” Moore said.

She suggested being choosy about what you put on your plate, selecting treats that might not be available every day. She also recommended eating the normal number of meals in a day instead of waiting to get to a party to eat.

As for exercise, Sebelski recommended incorporating physical activity into your everyday activities, such as walking through the mall. And after a meal, she suggested going on a walk instead of taking a nap.

“An after-dinner walk is actually a great way to continue the conversation from dinner,” Sebelski said.

Both Moore and Sebelski suggested making friends and family the focus of the holidays, rather than food.

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