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D.C. Update As Sequestration Looms

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Don Marsh called upon theSt. Louis Beacon’s Washington Correspondent Rob Koenig for an update on the pending sequestration.  Koenig reported that at the moment, it appears that the sequestration will kick in on Friday forcing automatic spending cuts of $85 billion.  There may be a vote in the Senate on measures to close tax loopholes and to invoke what is being called the “Buffet Rule” establishing a minimum tax on millionaires.  But Koenig reported that Senator Roy Blunt predicts that it is a non-starter and a scheduled meeting of President Obama and Congressional leaders on Friday is “just for show.”

If sequestration takes effect, Federal civilian employees will be subjected to a furlough one day a week.  However, the government is required by law to give a one month notice, so April 4 is the first time that the furlough would actually take effect.  There are 4,000 civilian employees at Scott Air Force Base who would be furloughed. 

During “St. Louis on the Air,” Koenig discussed other local ramifications of the sequestration including the effect on Lambert St. Louis International airport, educational programs and other programs involving federal contracts.

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