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Arch City Radio Hour: Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy Kitty

Guitarist Paige Brubeck and Drummer Evan Sult comprise the band (and graphic art studio) Sleepy Kitty.  The duo has a new full-length album out, "Projection Room" on the Euclid Records label.  If you listen to Arch City Radio, you've heard Sleepy Kitty's "Ridin' With St. Louis" as our theme song.  On this show, the band graciously does the theme live.  

Sult once played in the band Harvey Danger, whose "Flagpole Sitta" was a hit in 1998, and then played in the quintet Bound Stems.  Brubeck grew up in Millstadt, Illinois, and played in Chicago band Stiletto Attack.  Brubeck and Sult met at a party in 2004 in Chicago, hit it off and eventually made their way to St. Louis.  Brubeck and Sult talk to Nick Garcia about their long and storied history, bands they love, how they turned a bad experience into a song, and how they carry graphic design and printing to music and vice versa.  We spin a few tunes form the new album and the band plays a few songs live in studio as well.

"Hold Yr Ground"

"Speaking Politely" (live)

"Batman The Ride" (live)

"Western Antagonist Reflection"

"Box Elder" (live)

Sleepy Kitty "Box Elder" from Arch City Radio on Vimeo.

"Mockingbird" (live)

"Goddard Protagonist Inflection"

"Don't You Start"

We've also included some audio of Brubeck and Sult's previous bands and some other Sleepy Kitty audio.
Early Sleepy Kitty:

Nick Garcia: "My Friend Phil is the first collage Paige and Evan layered together, with their friend Phil Cornett. Evan says the title refers just as much to Phil Spector and his version of Corinna which is included in the piece in, oddly enough, sort of a cinematic way."

Sleepy Kitty: "Knockin' on Walls"

Nick Garcia:  "Knockin’ On Walls is this fuzzed out, avant-garde groove layered with their recorded conversation with Lee Gray. This Lee character was the nightwatchman of their prostitute-infested practice space in Chicago."

Sleepy Kitty, "Roberto Clemente".

Nick Garcia: "Roberto Clemente is from their first self-release Hustlin' Kets which is essentially unfindable now."

Sleepy Kitty, "SCUTRICK-uh!"

Nick Garcia: "SCUTRICK-uh is an early / unreleased recording when they really started to get into layering and their fuzzy Sleepy Kitty sound."

Some songs from Brubeck and Sult's earlier bands:

Harvey Danger, "Flagpole Sitta".
Bound Stems, "Sugar City Magic".
Stiletto Attack, "Summer Song".

Sleepy Kitty on Facebook

Sleepy Kitty on Twitter

Sleepy Kitty Website

Euclid Records Website (Sleepy Kitty's label)  


Mike Schrand began his radio career at St. Louis Public Radio as a live recording intern from 1986 to 1988. From 1988 to 1992, he acted as Jazz ‘Till Dawn producer and host and weekend announcer, occasional engineer for Jazzstream With Walter Parker and Jazz Unlimited and Morning Edition engineer and producer. From 1992 to 1995, Schrand worked in the corporate world, but returned as a weekend announcer in 1995. In 1996, Schrand was hired as St. Louis Public Radio Traffic Director and was promoted to Assistant Program Director in 1998 and Program Director in 2001. In his spare time he writes, sings, and plays bass in the local roots quartet Salt Of The Earth, and enjoys down time with his family in St. Louis City.