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GOP candidates for governor embark on TV ad spending spree

Peter Kinder, Catherine Hanaway, John Brunner and Eric Greitens speak at St. Louis Public Radio's GOP gubernatorial candidate debate.
Carolina Hidalgo | St. Louis Public Radio
Peter Kinder, Catherine Hanaway, John Brunner and Eric Greitens speak at St. Louis Public Radio's GOP gubernatorial candidate debate.

With the Aug. 2 primary just weeks ago, Missouri’s Republican candidates for governor are spending far more money than they are raising.

That’s documented in the latest campaign-finance reports, due Friday, which show a neck-and-neck spending battle between St. Louis businessman John Brunner, former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens and former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway.

Lt. Peter Kinder raised and spent the least during the last three months.

Greitens spent the most during the quarter.

For the quarter ending June 30, Greitens spent $2.9 million. At least $1.1 million was on TV ads, his report shows.

Brunner’s spending for the quarter was just slightly behind, at $2.56 million. Hanaway’s spending tally was $2.028 million. The bulk of their spending also was on TV ads.

Kinder was far behind, spending $632,854 during the past three months.

Greitens had his worst fundraising quarter, collecting just over $1 million. But he still has the most in the bank: $2.2 million.

Hanaway collect almost $1.8 million, but most of her money came from one man, directly or indirectly: financier Rex Sinquefield.

She reported just under $1.4 million in the bank, as of June 30.

Meanwhile, Brunner reported raising $1.3 million – but $1 million was a loan from himself. So far, he has lent his campaign $4 million, which is almost two-thirds of the $6 million he has raised during his entire campaign.

Brunner reported $1.9 million in the bank.

Kinder was trailing the trio, with $618,726 in the bank.

Koster sitting on mountain of money

Meanwhile, the only major Democrat running for governor – Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster – had his best fundraising quarter so far. And he kept his spending down.

Koster reported raising $3.5 million during the past three months, for a campaign total of $14.58 million – far more than his GOP rivals.

And because he hasn’t been running a TV ad campaign, Koster has saved most of it. As of June 30, he has  close to $10.2 million in the bank. That's more than the combined bank accounts of the four Republicans.

Here's the breakdown for the other statewide candidates, according to their reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission:

Lieutenant governor:

Bev Randles (Rep.): Raised, $774,230; Spent, $854,207; cash on hand, $536,036

Mike Parson (Rep.): Raised, $202,086; Spent, $479,271; Cash on hand, $794,384

Russ Carnahan (Dem.): Raised, $263,800; Spent, $87,083; Cash on hand,$341,733

Tommie Pierson (Dem.): Raised, $196; Spent, $4,314; Cash on hand, $4,906

Winston Apple (Dem.): Raised, $2,290; Spent, $3,128; Cash on hand, $1,646

Secretary of State

Jay Ashcroft (Rep.): Raised,  $211,015; Spent,  $118,463; Cash on hand, $623,676

Will Kraus (Rep.): Raised, $124,028; Spent, $49,969 ; Cash on hand, $797,316

Robin Smith (Dem.): Raised, $162,871; Spent,  $31,629; Cash on hand, $226,812


Pat Contreras (Dem.): Raised, $99,456; Spent, $109,506; Cash on hand, $98,689

Judy Baker (Dem.): Raised, $60,451; Spent, $33,212; Cash on hand, $145,559

Eric Schmitt (Rep.): Raised, $154,072; Spent, $138,023; Cash on hand, $2,614,497

Attorney General

Jake Zimmerman (Dem): Raised, $215,159; Spent, $293,847; Cash on hand, $1,264,049

Teresa Hensley (Dem.): Raised, $105,635 ; Spent,  $101,219; Cash on hand, $288,541

Kurt Schaefer (Rep.): Raised, $608,943 ; Spent, $1,424,076 ; Cash on hand, $1,266,209

Josh Hawley (Rep.): Raised, $914,970; Spent, $1,115,455; Cash on hand, $926,512

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