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Senator Blunt criticizes the President's response to Egypt, Libya attacks

Missouri's Senators, Republican Roy Blunt (L) and Democrat Claire McCaskill.
(St. Louis Public Radio/UPI)
Missouri's Senators, Republican Roy Blunt (L) and Democrat Claire McCaskill.

Republican United States Senator Roy Blunt criticized President Obama's response to the attacks on embassies in Egypt and Libya. In the Libyan attacks, four embassy employees were killed, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Allegedly, the attacks were in response to a film that ridiculed Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The attacks have now become a political issue domestically.  Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney criticized the President for apologizing for America's ideals, referring to a statement that the U.S. condemns efforts "to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims."  But that statement was actually released by the U.S.embassy in Cairo, and did not have clearance from Washington.

Blunt echoed many of Romney's complaints. "Apologizing for America is not the way you're going to advance your cause, particularly in the Middle East," he said.  Blunt also criticized the President for taking too long to bolster security at embassies.  "Seems late to me," Blunt said. "But better late than never, I suppose."

Missouri's other Senator, Democrat Claire McCaskill dismissed many of Blunt's complaints.  "The notion that this President has not exhibited strength to the rest of the world is just a political talking point. If you checked in with Osama bin Laden, he would say that there's no apology."

When asked if he was disappointed that this tragedy has become a political issue, Senator Blunt responded. "Of course they (the presidential candidates) responded to it. If they hadn't responded to it, they'd both be roundly criticized for having nothing to say about it."

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