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More abortion restrictions endorsed by Mo. House

An interior view of the dome at the Missouri Capitol.
via Flickr | jennlynndesign
An interior view of the dome at the Missouri Capitol.

Women seeking prescriptions for abortion-inducing drugs could face greater requirements than those wanting surgical abortions under a bill endorsed by the Missouri House.

Missouri law already requires a woman to have a consultation with a doctor or qualified professional 24 hours before undergoing an abortion.

The bill given initial approval Tuesday would require a woman to receive a physical examination by a doctor 24 hours before the doctor prescribes the abortion-inducing drug RU-486.

Supporters said the bill should ensure the safety of women receiving abortion drugs. Opponents said the legislation amounts to more government intrusion in an area where Missouri already has a lot of laws.

Representatives endorsed the bill on a 116-34 vote. A second vote is needed to send it to the Senate.